Wooden Floor Mat Block, Cedar, 285 x 285 mm

Wooden Floor Mat Block, Cedar, 285 x 285 mm

The Wooden Floor Mat Block, crafted from cedar, presents a sleek and convenient flooring solution for saunas. While some of our customers prefer to tile their floors, it’s essential to recognize that heat within a sauna ascends. This means the area beneath the bench level doesn’t get extremely hot, affording customers complete freedom in their flooring choice without strict specifications or requirements. Some customers opt for tiling, while others may leave the floor as concrete. Here, the cedar squares prove invaluable. They can be used to cover the entire floor or just a selected portion, particularly the walking area. This approach is more common as it facilitates easy removal and cleaning. The possibilities for sauna flooring are limitless! These cedar squares, measuring 11.2 x 11.2 inches (285 x 285 mm), allow you to purchase as many as needed based on your sauna’s square footage, enabling you to create the perfect floor.


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