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About HUUM Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters

Elegant sauna heaters in the heart of your sauna

Forget about boxy-looking heaters. HUUM heaters minimalist and round design lets the beauty of the stones show and adds a touch of elegance to your sauna.

Enjoy a mild steam like in a traditional sauna. Thanks to their high stone capacity, HUUM heaters provide a mild and long-lasting steam.

Invest in quality. Each of our heaters is made of stainless steel and receives a lot of special care to look its best and last you a really long time.

HUUM products are made entirely in Estonia

HUUM heaters, control units and other products are made entirely in Estonia with the help of different partners. Did you know that the seemingly simple design of our heaters actually requires a quite complex production process? That is why we have partnered up with Estonia’s leading metal work companies to guarantee the best possible quality in each step of the production. Most of the raw materials used in the production, such as stainless steel and electronic components, are imported.

The making of HUUM heaters requires a lot of manual work

Since we got a little creative with our heaters, it isn’t really possible to produce them in fully automated process lines. Getting all the metal rods into the right length, the right thickness and bent in the right shape means a lot of manual work for the metal workers. Our heaters are made of stainless steel and go through shot blasting and acid treatment in order to get their final refined appearance.

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