NARVI NC VS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove with Water Tank

Up to 706 ft 3
Warranty: 1 year

NARVI NC VS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove with Water Tank

The NARVI NC 20 model is highly efficient, comes with a 23-liter water storage tank and is available in the colour black, and can be ordered in either a right-hand or left-hand position. The heater’s design allows for rapid and efficient heating of the water within the water tank.

The NARVI NC 20 features a robust design with a large volume of stones to produce consistent steam. Despite its substantial size, the stove requires minimal firewood to heat up. Its innovative firebox design ensures efficient and cleaner combustion, and the heater complies with CE emission requirements.

The sauna heater has adjustable legs for easy installation in any desired location. The set includes a connective flue for connecting to the chimney flue from behind the heater. Alternatively, the heater can also be connected to the chimney flue from the top, but an additional connective flue is required for this setup.

Sauna Stone Capacity: up to 50 kg

Made In Finland.

Stove price does NOT include stones.

  • Please order stones according to the stone capacity as described above.
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NARVI NC VS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove with Water Tank


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