Aspen Black Frame Door, Grey Glass, 690x1890mm (27 1/8″ x 74 3/8″)

Aspen Black Frame Door, Grey Glass, 690x1890mm (27 1/8″ x 74 3/8″)

Our Alder Frame Glass Doors present an excellent finishing touch to your sauna project. Tailored specifically for indoor applications, these doors seamlessly fuse long-lasting durability with aesthetic allure, thereby accommodating any sauna design. The frame, meticulously constructed from Alder, a wood celebrated for its strength and resilience, shares properties similar to Cedar.

The door features ‘grey glass’, an almost greyish tint that exudes a unique sophistication. This grey glass, while still translucent, provides a slight tint that partially obscures visibility without completely blocking it, offering an ideal balance of privacy and transparency.

Pre-hung in the frame for your convenience, these Alder Frame Glass Doors make installation a breeze. The package comes inclusive of all required hardware, simplifying assembly even further. With its 8mm-thick tempered glass, the door is ‘sauna-rated’, designed to withstand the distinctive conditions of a sauna environment.

The door’s design is characterized by its grey glass and single-knob handle, which are further enhanced by a matching black frame. This combination effortlessly merges elegance with simplicity, making it a discreet yet highly functional accessory for your sauna, bringing together practicality and style without unnecessary embellishment.

Key specifications:

  • Rough Opening (RO): 28 x 75 inches
  • Depth of Jam: 3.5 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 8mm
  • Door Size (including the frame): 27 1/8 x 74 3/8 inches
  • Door Opening Orientation (hinge side): Left / Right


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