Alder Frame Door Benelux, Bronze Glass, 690x1890mm (27 1/8″ x 74 3/8″)

Alder Frame Door Benelux, Bronze Glass, 690x1890mm (27 1/8″ x 74 3/8″)

Our Benelux Alder Frame Glass Doors are an elegant addition to your sauna project. Specifically designed for indoor use, these doors perfectly combine robustness with aesthetic allure, suitable for any sauna design. The frame is made from Alder, a wood renowned for its strength and durability, akin to Cedar.

This Benelux door presents a sophisticated ‘bronze glass’, providing a slightly tinted yet see-through view. This subtle bronzing adds an extra layer of elegance while preserving essential transparency.

The Benelux Alder Frame Glass Doors come pre-hung in the frame, simplifying the installation process. All necessary hardware is included in the package, further facilitating assembly. The door is equipped with 8mm-thick tempered glass, ensuring it is ‘sauna-rated’ and capable of withstanding unique sauna conditions.

What distinguishes this Benelux door is its distinctive dual-handle design. The outer handle is small, round, and metallic, offering a modern touch. On the inside, a wooden handle is provided, considering the heat within the sauna. Additionally, the door features a magnet that ensures a satisfying and secure closure each time.

Key specifications:

  • Rough Opening (RO): 28 x 75 inches
  • Depth of Jam: 3.5 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 8mm
  • Door Size (including the frame): 27 1/2 x 74 3/4 inches
  • Door Opening Orientation (hinge side): Left / Right


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