Wood-Burning Hot Tubs

made from Cedar

Compactness, functionality, and mobility of our outdoor Wood-Burning Wooden Hot Tubs provide unlimited freedom to choose the perfect fit in your backyard or outdoor space. Prices include the Wooden Hot Tub Kit only. Whether installed in a backyard, cottage or indoors, the natural elegance and aesthetics of our hot tubs will enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are used in the manufacturing of our outdoor Wooden Hot Tubs.

Our Wooden Hot Tubs are available with Top Load Wood-Burning Heater and without a heater.

Cedar Hot Tubs with Top Load Wood-Burning Heater

Available diameters: 4′ / 5′ / 6.5′

Price starting from: $3.990 CAD


Cedar Hot Tubs without Heater   

Available diameters: 5′ / 6′ / 6.5′

Price starting from: $2.690 CAD

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