Alder Frame Door Benelux, Clear Glass, 700x1900mm (27 1/2″ x 74 3/4″)

Alder Frame Door Benelux, Clear Glass, 700x1900mm (27 1/2″ x 74 3/4″)

Our Benelux Alder Frame Glass Doors are an elegant enhancement to your sauna project. These doors, specifically designed for indoor applications, seamlessly blend durability with aesthetic sophistication, making them a perfect complement to any sauna design. The frame is made from Alder, a type of wood known for its strength and longevity, similar to Cedar.

This Benelux door features a modern ‘clear glass’, providing a completely transparent view. This ensures maximum visibility while maintaining the door’s stylish appeal.

The Benelux Alder Frame Glass Doors come pre-hung in the frame, offering a simplified installation process. The package includes all the required hardware, further streamlining assembly. The door is equipped with 8mm-thick tempered glass, making it ‘sauna-rated’ and capable of withstanding the unique conditions of a sauna environment.

One distinctive feature of this Benelux door is its dual-handle design. The external handle is small, round, and metallic, giving it a modern aesthetic. On the inside, a wooden handle is provided to accommodate the sauna’s warmth. Additionally, the door includes a magnet that guarantees a satisfying and secure closure each time.

Key specifications:

  • Rough Opening (RO): 28 x 75 inches
  • Depth of Jam: 3.5 inches
  • Glass Thickness: 8mm
  • Door Size (including the frame): 27 1/2 x 74 3/4 inches
  • Door Opening Orientation (hinge side): Left / Right


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