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Grill'D Retro ShortWood-Burning Sauna Heater / Stove
These exclusive Retro wood-burning sauna heaters will make your sauna look sophisticated. The shiny metallic size panels bring out the exclusiveness of the design you will never see anywhere else. The soft heat coming out of the walls mixed with the fine, warm stream will make you feel on top of the world, until you take a look at this heater and remind yourself that you are, in fact, on top of the world. The tightly-packed stones that surround the heater provide maximum protection from IR Radiation. These beautifully made heaters are for anyone who has a soft spot for art.

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Welcome to Bsaunas USA! We are one of the biggest sauna companies in North America! We have a wide selection of outdoor saunas, wood-burning and electric sauna heaters, custom sauna rooms, custom outdoor saunas, Do-It-Yourself sauna kits, wood-burning hot tubs, and other sauna accessories, made out of high-grade Red Western Cedar. Our products are of high quality, made in Canada and Europe. Bsaunas USA provides services in the United States and Canada.

Bsaunas USA specializes in factory direct sales of saunas, indoor sauna kits, and prefab saunas made of beautiful and durable Red Western Cedar. Have a cottage and dreaming of an outdoor sauna? We can help you! Renovating your house and thinking of adding a sauna? Bsaunas USA can do it! We offer residential and commercial sauna installations, as well as custom sauna designs.

Feel free to give us a call for a quote, or if you have any questions, we are always here for you!

Awesome experience, i don't know anyone who knows more or better the art of saunas. Couldn't ask for a better sales guy then Alex. It's his passion. The quality of his saunas and materials he was mentioning i could not find a comparison for in the whole country. And they deliver and can install too. He made me really happy so I'm making sure I make my experience known here. He deserves it. A++++++ highly recommend anyone check out the showroom or call them up.

Pavel Osiyuk
Pavel Osiyuk2022-01-17

Leo Staroselsky
Leo Staroselsky2022-01-03

I had an amazing experience purchasing form this company.My shipping carrier had an error and the seller immediately corrected it without any hassleWill Prichard again in the future

Vince Peak
Vince Peak2021-12-24

Alex was very helpful and insightful. He made our sauna project successful. I highly recommend Bsaunas USA.

Nick Adorino
Nick Adorino2021-12-24

Alex was awesome help, very knowledgeable, fairly pricedIf you have any questions give him a callNeed anything for your sauna he probably has it


Best advice and great customer service! Alex sold me a very nice sauna door and was very helpful with advice! Highly recommended!!!

Roman Bosak
Roman Bosak2021-11-24

Great experience from start to finish! Been treated like a family member. Made my long time dream come to life!!!

Dmitry Vasilets
Dmitry Vasilets2021-11-24

Great company and customer service was amazing. Got exactly what I ordered and they worked hard to make it the best delivery experience possible.

Lora Niazov
Lora Niazov2021-11-24

The best choice of saunas and options that I was able to find. Very positive experience, got my sauna professionally installed. Highly recommend!

Serge Soloviev
Serge Soloviev2021-11-24

Alex and his team were great. They are professional and we are very happy with our sauna.

Amazing service!Always there to answer questions fast and easy shipping. Will use again in the future! Thanks for helping our dreams come true Alex.-Vermont Sauna

Ian Compton
Ian Compton2021-11-24

Customer oriented crew, very big assortment, the best price quality ratio among others. Highly recommended!

Boris Levin
Boris Levin2021-10-24

Bsaunas USA created a fabulous custom Banya (Russian Sauna) in my basement. Entire process was smooth and seamless. Great quality. And the install team was clean and knowledgeable - driving from Buffalo NY to NJ eager to complete the job. Highly recommend. A+ quality and service.

Joe Gialanella
Joe Gialanella2021-09-24

Alex was great. Got a 7x7 kit with HUUM stove, delivered to Colorado. Myself and buddy installed. Everything as advertised and came out great. Very satisfied. Would definitely recommend Alex and Bsaunas. Thanks again.

David Whitmire
David Whitmire2021-09-24

Great product, amazing experience with Alex. Best customer service and technical support. Highly recommend !!! Alex provided personal attention from design to execution.

Dave Ledford
Dave Ledford2021-05-24

Very professional crew, knowledgeable, punctual.They did help with all technical aspects.We did build nice sauna last fall, that turned my winter in to one of the best I ever had - some times 180 inside and when you step out to 0 that unbelievable feeling.We did use it through January lockdown twice a week and I love it.Thank you guys for your support, quick response and help throughout the project.

LOVE my Huum heater. BsaunasUSA was the only company that got back to me in a timely manner, and once I found their website I got my heater purchased and they shipped within a few business days. Very happy camper, two thumbs up

Ordered Grill’D wood fired stove, pipes, glass sauna door and other necessities from Bsaunas USA. Couldn’t be more happier with quality of the products. World class customer service!! They are always available to answer questions despite time difference between East and West coast. Also got free consultation on how to properly do sauna ventilation(yes, there is such thing, very important). Definitely recommend, if you are looking for sauna products or services!!!

10/10 recommend the best quality on the market hands down. I just bought one for my house and let me tell you everyone needs one of these.

ely shimunov
ely shimunov2021-03-24

I am so happy to find such a knowledgeable and local distributor of the HUUM sauna. Alex was very responsive and went the extra mile helping me with my sauna. I’m so happy to have a HUUM sauna working during this cold winter.

heidi lennon
heidi lennon2021-03-24

This is the most fun we've had in awhile! We rented it in the middle of the snow storm and it was amazing. Alternating hot sauna and cold snow was a must! The sauna is incredibly well-built, fits easily 6 people or even more. Not only did adults thoroughly enjoyed the sauna, the kids loved it too. We were having such a blast, nobody wanted to go to sleep!Alex brought the sauna and set everything up. It was super easy to operate and use. Excellent service overall. Highly recommend! We felt incredible afterwards.

Alex is the best. Answers calls, returns emails, gets stuff delivered, and the stoves are awesome. I purchased the 9kw wall mounted drop and couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

Bsaunas are awesome- form and function are exquisite. I love this saunaand I would highly recommend them for your sauna.Alex was super helpful and very responsive to questionsA great experience and a great sauna!!

Felipa Lopez
Felipa Lopez2021-01-24

We are beyond happy with our sauna, it looks amazing and functions perfectly. Alex and Costa were professional and installation went smoothly with everything cleaned up when they were finished. The wood burning furnace is super easy to use and is better than any electric heater I have seen (thank you Alex for talking us into going in that direction).

Darryl Wenner
Darryl Wenner2021-01-24

Seamless delivery and quality products. Alex was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and recommended the best installer. RASCO Contracting Corp. did a phenomenal install with attention to detail. They really created a one of a kind sauna just how I wanted. A+++

Korey Lacz
Korey Lacz2021-01-24

Our outdoor sauna is wonderful! The wood, interior and exterior, is beautiful and the workmanship flawless. The wood burning stove heats it in 20 minutes! Perfect way to relax at the end of the day! Thank you Alex for all your advice and wonderful service and Constantine and Andres for your knowledge and workmanship in putting it up for us.We highly recommend bsauna in every way!

Joan Obecny
Joan Obecny2021-01-24

We had wanted a sauna for quite some time. Getting a little older and have read all the benefits, health wise. We thought it would take a while to have it set up so we put it off way too long. After speaking with bsaunas we were assured it is a quick and easy process and they made us feel at ease by answering all our questions. Believe me we had a lot of questions ha maybe too many but they were patient. We were using it in no time. Personally, I feel so much better after sitting in the sauna. I am blessed to have family that can enjoy it as well. It’s probably the nicest place at our home. We love it! I usually don’t post reviews but it’s helped us so maybe I can just pass it on to others. It’s such a great improvement in our lives. Thanks y’all!

David Starr
David Starr2021-01-24

Great experience, great Sauna, Alex and his sauna is just wonderful. We rented this Sauna on wheels in early November 2020. Had it for two evening, weather was chilly (which was perfect for cool downs) and the wife's stress level dropped significantly. Let me tell you, that alone was well worth the rental price.The amount of cleansing heat and steam produced by this unit was amazing! If you are thinking of buying a sauna, Alex is your guy. Very knowledgeable, very thorough, quality build with quality materials and a warm and welcoming personality.The stove was very easy to use, all wood was provided, cut perfect to size and well seasoned. No sizzling from wet wood here, which made lighting the fire a breeze and kept the temperature blazing hot. Alex also provided a torch which made managing the stove even easier.The kids really enjoyed the sauna also. Ages 13, 11, 8 and 5. They didn't stick around long when added water and blasted the steam, but they still had fun getting their sweat on :-)We had some discussions about buying a sauna in the future (mostly my German father-in-law whom REALLY enjoyed the sauna also) and Alex ran us through his website. You can pick just about anything, any size and with the option to self install or have them do the build. Again, quality product and you will be very impressed.10 out of 10, would rent it again, and if you are thinking about buying, these are your guys.Thanks

Jeremy Fetzner
Jeremy Fetzner2021-01-24

Had an excellent experience dealing with Bsaunas USA. Alex was very knowledgeable and patient with explaining all the options and details about the sauna. The product is high quality and looks beautiful! The installation was fast, clean and professional! I'm happy! Thank you Bsaunas USA!

irma kind
irma kind2021-01-24

They sell best wood burning stoves for sauna, very happy !


I must say i am stoked!!First time trying the sauna in my life. Wow, What an awesome experience. Will back, thank you!

Top quality products. Alex @ bsauas was super helpful and met my every need. I vetted 4 different companies before settling on bsaunas for my precut 6x5 sauna kit. Very happy with my choice! The clear cedar tongue and groove, 2x4 bench wood, and the trim boards i received were all by far the most beautiful wood I have ever seen. There was a problem with the original 2x4 bench boards i received (they were the incorrect length), but I called Alex and within 4 days I had the correct wood at my doorstep no questions asked. Excellent experience overall.

Matt C
Matt C2021-01-24

Thanks Alex for his help!!! Good quality of wood materials!!! Dreams come true!!!

Artem Basiyk
Artem Basiyk2021-01-24

Made my closet into a sauna amazing work , impossible done, or the price was way right!!!👏 ✅

Roman Lisyansky
Roman Lisyansky2021-01-24

Eric Daum
Eric Daum2021-01-24

B saunas was such an epic experience. Fortunately we had a great snowfall where we jumped in and out of the sauna into the snow. Alex was very kind and gave excellent service. We will have to do this once a month atleast !!!

olivia paige
olivia paige2021-01-24

We rented sauna. It was such Great experience !! Everyone loved it !! Absolutely recommend !!!

Katerina Mathis
Katerina Mathis2021-01-24

Let’s just say if you’re in the market to custom build your dream sauna you’re in the right place.We had a fantastic experience working with BSaunas and their crew, extremely easy communication.Their products are on top level and service can’t be compared.Highly recommend sauna in comfort of your home and no better place to get it from is BSaunas.Thank you Alex and Crew!

Daniel Kayumov
Daniel Kayumov2021-01-24

I am very happy that I decided to order with BSAUNA. They were helpful, responsive and professional throughout the process. Material was delivered in good condition, on time and clear cedar looks awesome. Appreciate all the help! I would defiantly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable company. They provided everything we needed to build our sauna from the heater to door wood accessories etc. buy here for sure

steve tarulli
steve tarulli2021-01-24

I was very happy, Alex answered all my questions, installation was professional and on time. I was looking for wood burning stove everywhere and they sell the best ones. I highly recommend them.

Kulik Transport
Kulik Transport2021-01-24

ВsaunasUSA is highly recommended seller, excellent top notch customer service and quality product! We could not be more happier with our new sauna! It is truly a piece of art, and place where we unwind, relax, and recharge. The smell of fresh cedar is so aromatic and woody. Shipping was fast, and installation quick and easy.

Toma Marie
Toma Marie2021-01-24

Quality outdoor saunas. We bought an outdoor barrel sauna for 6 people and grilld cometa vega sauna heater that generate soft steam. Outstanding quality!

Artem Tkachenko
Artem Tkachenko2021-01-24

Quality outdoor saunas and sauna heaters!

Tim Chenk
Tim Chenk2021-01-24

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